Faith. Faith is awesome. Here are a whole bunch of reasons why faith and reason rock! Most people think that faith in God or something eternal is “unreasonable” or goes against all scientific inquiry. Richard Dawkins calls himself and his atheist friends “brights” as to show that people of faith are less “bright”; this is just not the case. We see faith in everything and it’s amazing! You have faith your car will turn on, your soap will clean, your water will hydrate and your crest white strips will whiten your nasty yellow teeth. In all these instances you’re putting faith into things unseen. Pope John Paul II said, “Faith and reason are like the two wings on which the human spirit rises to the contemplation of truth”.  There are so many books and articles on faith – we will only scratch the surface.

In his book Reasons to Believe, Dr. Scott Hahn talks about how science actually operates from faith. He speaks of the physical chemist and philosopher Michael Polanyi when he says “He observed that nearly all scientific knowledge proceeded from tacit assumptions and relied upon trust in a community of colleagues, in regulations, and in some authority” (pg. 18). So we see that a scientist must put faith in the experimental data reported by other scientists. The scientist must also trust that empirical reality is perceptible and measureable, and that the laws of cause and effect will apply universally. They are also putting faith in the instruments they use – that they will effectively show the reality studied.

Religious faith is something more then believing in sports teams to win a game, or a scientific experiment to work. It’s something “you can die for and something you can live every moment” [Peter Kreeft & Ronald K. Tacelli, Handbook of Christian Apologetics].  Kreeft & Tacelli also say this about faith and reason:

Reason is relative to truth; it is a way of knowing truth: understanding it, discovering it or proving it. Faith is also relative to truth; it is a way of discovering truth. No human being ever existed without some faith. We all know most of what we know by faith; that is, by belief in what others- parents, teachers, friends, writers, society- tell us. Outside religion as well as inside it, faith and reason are roads to truth” (pg.33).

Oh I love it! There is so much good material. We just need to look to go deeper into the beautiful truth of our ability to reason and have faith! These two things separate us from every living thing. Atheists and unbelievers want to put their faith into chance, or billions of billions of universes to get out of the amazing, mind blowing “chance” that earth was perfectly fine tuned for life. Meanwhile, our ability to understand and reason all point to God. I hope that you can rest peacefully knowing that faith in a God of the universe and everything ever created is reasonable and logical. Christians are the real “brights”, because we are the light of the world!

Love A-lob