Blogs are cool. Today we have so many ideas out there it seems we are always bombarded with ideas and opinions. I will add mine to the bunch and hope it invokes some deeper thought on topics of faith, life, and my journey as a Christian.

I hope for my blogs to bring the truth of the gospel into the normal day-to-day experiences, and bring hope to a world that is confused and really afraid to stand for anything. I feel like I have had many experiences with people of different faiths and unbelievers and we are all after the same thing. Everyone wants to be loved and know the truth of life and all it entails.

I have seen this question in every person I met, no matter what faith or no faith at all, and we all want to know! We may hide it, numb ourselves from it, or search for it. I believe the search for truth is the most amazing journey. So I am here to talk about my experiences of faith and my encounter with this person Jesus who has had more books, songs, poems, churches, and debates about him then any other person ever to exist. This person Jesus, who has changed the world!

God is real. He has given us an amazing dignity as humans that separate us from every other living thing; that is, the ability to know him, love him, and serve him. I would just ask that you be open to what I have to say and hopefully you can be encouraged and renewed in your search for truth!