My Story

I was born and raised in Southern California where I grew up going to Mass, playing lots of sports, hanging at the beach and I was always into music. After attending a Catholic school for eight years, I chose to go to a public high school because I was tired of the “rules” at the Catholic school.

I went to Ventura High where I played basketball, tennis, surfed, ran track and performed in bands. In each group of friends, the party lifestyle seemed like the only option to fit in, so I partied pretty hard. I would go to my church youth group and then party on weekends. This continued for quite awhile – until I got caught by the cops and had to go to court!

After that wake-up call, I decided to go to a Steubenville Youth Conference where, for the first time, I encountered God in the Mass, the talks, the worship and of course in Adoration. That experience changed my life forever.

I began to discover real joy and truth as I became more serious about my Catholic faith, and even through the mistakes and doubts after my conversion, God’s mercy reigned and worked powerfully in my life. This eventually led me to attend college at Franciscan University where I received a Degree in Theology and a Minor in Philosophy.

I have heard a clear calling from God to help bring the freedom and love of Christ to the world through worship music and the preaching of the Gospel … and I am super excited about serving Jesus with the gifts I have been given. Please pray for me!